I help people move from conflict to conversation

I am a relationship and human behavior expert. My super power is understanding and navigating the dynamics between people (be it personal or professional). For more than 20 years I have helped people like you find tools, strategies, and a path through even the trickiest of moments.

Can’t we all just get along?

To get along is both a behavior and an action

  • behavior of bringing your best self to the conversation 
  • action of moving towards connection and resolution

Let’s connect and see how we might get along, together.

Karen McNenny

Karen really is like a human-whisperer
She always helps make the hard conversations easier. 

 -Hanah J. – Workplace Mediation Client


the one thing that changes everything

Divorce Coach

When you are:

  • Contemplating divorce
  • In the heat of it
  • Building the new normal
  • Looking for a non-destructive path through the grief, pain and logistics of divorce.
  • Before – During – After


When you are:

  • Trying to juice creativity
  • Gathering many voices into one conversation
  • Celebrating your team
  • Navigating a sticky situation


When you are:

  • Feeling emotionally hijacked
  • Stuck and need help getting unstuck
  • Looking for the solution that sucks the least
  • Avoiding a conversation
  • Still avoiding it…


When you are:

  • In need of an educator that keeps everyone engaged.
  • Searching for a speaker who customizes content. Everytime. Every client.
  • Wanting a message, and a messenger, that will stick with the audience.
  • Expecting a smooth and professional experience from beginning to end.

Professional Credentials

CDC Certified Divorce Coach
COPS Certified Co-Parenting Specialist
Crucial Conversations Certified Trainer
Community Dispute Resolution Center of Missoula Country Certified Mediator
Center for Ethical Leadership Gracious Space Facilitator


As graceful and easy as Karen makes it look-she achieves these amazing results through hard work.  She does her homework, she hits it on the head because she is an exceptional listener who can discern the story behind the story, present it with honesty and humor, and end by making us laugh and think.  We felt validated, refreshed, and invigorated.”

 — Robyn Trott, Training Specialist
Child Support Enforcement 
Department of Public Health and Human Services

Working with Karen is a prerequisite to creating a sustainable leadership team. She innately understands how humans interact, where dysfunction may occur, and how to speak difficult truths with empathy. Karen anticipated every obstacle that arose within our senior team.”

— Emerging Global Environmental NGO 
Design & Facilitate off-site Leadership Retreat

Executive Coaching and Skill Development 

I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of organizations
including small and large businesses, nonprofits and government agencies.

Karen McNenny talking to a client on Zoom

I am here to help

Every great connection starts with a conversation – let’s talk.

DISCLAIMER: This is a safe place to gather information about relationship stuff. Our conversations will remain private and confidential.