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Guest Opportunity

Are you interested in joining Karen McNenny on The Good Divorce Show™ as a guest? We are always looking for guests who are interested in sharing their Good Divorce Story™ with us! Read more to learn about our guests and how to apply to be our next guest.

What We Look For in a

Podcast Guest

Divorced Couples, Co-Parents

We will not ask for personal or painful details of the relationship. We will only highlight the best practices and unique moments to illustrate that a good divorce experience is possible.

Adult Children of Divorce

Divorce affects children, too, so we encourage adult children of divorce to share their experiences with the audience. We will highlight the best experiences, such as shared vacations, events, or holidays.

Professionals, Specialists

Are you a divorce professional or specialist, i.e. family or divorce lawyer, couples or family therapist, or a life coach? Your line of work is paramount in moving the divorce discussion forward– let’s talk!

Karen chatting with a client

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Guest Selection Process

Once you fill out the guest selection form below, a member of our team will reach out to you with our Guest Intake form that will dive deeper into your experience or expertise in the world of good divorces. We will then review your full guest selection form to determine guest and topic relevance for our content.

If selected, please know that we may schedule up to three months out. Guests may also choose to record live or do a pre-record for future shows. If you are not selected at the time, please know we will keep you on our list for future possibilities!

Note: All recordings will be done remotely through Zoom.

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Fill out our guest selection form below & we will be in touch.

A note from Karen McNenny

I look forward to hearing from you!

I thank you for your support of The Good Divorce Show™ and for wanting to keep the conversation going with your interest in joining as a future guest. I am thankful for you as a listener and supporter of the show!