Meet Karen

Working towards world peace,
one relationship at a time.

I am here to help

Since 2007 I have supported a wide variety of groups and individuals in their quest to be better together. As we improve our familiar relationships (work and domestic partners), we can also improve relationships with strangers across the street, across the country, and beyond. What happens at the desk goes home to the dining room table, and vice versa. Our ability to be kind, curious and tolerant towards each other will determine the fabric of our homes, workplaces and global neighborhood.

Ultimately, I see myself as a social activist. 
Working towards world peace, one relationship at a time. 
I’m inviting you to join the movement. 
Let’s get better, together. 


the one thing that changes everything

Our stories have a long arch. Here is a bit of mine…

My professional story started on stage. As an actress and dancer I earned a BA in Media and Theater Arts from Montana State University, my home state. Shortly thereafter I had the burning urge to leave the country and go to grad school.  I found my path beyond the US borders as a Rotary International Ambassadorial Scholar.  This amazing and generous organization sponsored my graduate school experience in London, England. Life. Changing. I have continued to seek out travel and adventure opportunities around the world.

While living abroad I became a Certified Drama and Movement Therapist through the Sesame Institute at the Central School of Speech and Drama.  This was an essential pivot in my personal and professional life. I turned away from my pursuit to be on the stage, and shifted my focus to helping others develop Relationship Literacy. A pursuit I have been following since 1997.  First as the Program Director at Camp Mak-A-Dream, a medically supervised summer camp for children and adults with Cancer. It was during this time that I planned complex events, conferences and camp outs. Amazing first job!

I spent the early years of my business career working as a trainer, facilitator and coach for Providence Services, the largest healthcare system in the Northwest. During those six years I cut my teeth in the areas of workplace culture, employee engagement and leadership excellence. All the invisible stuff in a workplace that ultimately impacts visible outcomes. In short, the touchy feely relationship stuff.  Well guess what?  It’s all relationship stuff.

Professional Credentials

CDC Certified Divorce Coach
COPS - Certified Co-Parenting Specialist
Crucial Conversations Certified Trainer
Community Dispute Resolution Center of Missoula Certified Mediator
Center for Ethical Leadership Gracious Space Facilitator
Sesame Institute Drama and Movement Therapy
Karen McNenny standing in front of a window.

Everything will be okay in the end.
If it’s not okay,
It’s not the end.

– Fernando Sabino


Karen – your energy and light is always a pleasure to behold! thank you for continuing to inspire others to be their best!

— Jacky T.
Development Director 
Leading International Non-Profit
Design & Facilitate Annual Staff Retreat

Thank you for your insightful, thought-provoking, and encouraging message.  We appreciate you working with us during our last minute changes, and for your willingness to speak truth into our lives. 

— Wyoming Child Support Association

Karen has a rare ability to meet clients where they are and guide them to a set of outcomes that reflect their true selves, rather than feed them platitudes about what they think they need. As a result, I could make decisions aligned with my own values rather than act as a puzzle piece to complete someone else’s vision that I no longer shared. 

— Malcolm R.
Career Transition Coaching

I can’t believe how quickly Karen put me at ease.  She is a very easy person to trust.  I always feel safe when I am talking with her.

— Carl P.
Participant, Team Mediation

I have had the pleasure of working with a diverse group of organizations
including small and large businesses, nonprofits and government agencies.

Karen McNenny talking to a client on Zoom

I am here to help

Every great connection starts with a conversation – let’s talk.

DISCLAIMER: This is a safe place to gather information about relationship stuff. Our conversations will remain private and confidential.