Ep. 17: Get a Handle on Your Finances: Before, During, & After Divorce

This is going to be a valuable conversation, literally. Penny Kidd is not an investor or advisor, she’s a Financial Coach. One of the first things a lawyer is going to ask you to do is lay out all your assets, financial portfolio and do a household budget for your new divorced life. Other than the fact that it is in the middle of a divorce, this is actually a really valuable skill. For most of us, post-divorce life does not look the same as married life in terms of income, spending and saving. The financial pie gets cut up, everyone loses something. In this episode, Penny is going to provide some practical tools when making a spending plan (sounds a lot nicer than budget). She is also going to share some cautionary tales on how to protect your financial health and autonomy. Pennywise Coaching is about helping you connect your Money, Goals, and Values. Create a custom spending plan in business and at home to pay off debt and live within your means so you can build wealth for the future you deserve. Penny Kidd was a Social Worker for 30 years and uses those skills and her debt-free experience to mentor others ready to achieve financial freedom. As a compassionate coach, educator, and accountability partner to individuals and couples, Penny takes the shame and embarrassment out of money.