Ep 33: Don’t Make These Money Mistakes!

If you’re thinking about or getting divorced, you need to learn how to keep your net worth from getting net worse! Join Karen as she talks with Stacy Francis, a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst, about the most common money mistakes people make when ending their marriage. In this episode you’ll learn:

  • What CFDAs do that other financial experts don’t
  • What to look for when seeking a divorce financial analyst
  • What happens if your ex (or you!) tries to hide assets, and how to find out if they are
  • The 4 things to think about when divvying up an asset with your ex
  • What happens if you own a business together (and what counts as a business)

Resources: Unveiling the Unspoken Truth – http://francisfinancial.com/
Savvy Ladies – https://www.savvyladies.org/