Ep. 11: Who would want their ‘X’ to move back in decades after divorcing?

This is no ordinary divorce story. In fact, it has the makings of an entertaining romantic comedy. In her 20’s Mercedes Barker started a conversation with an intriguing and romantic man in Argentina, a conversation that has been going for more than 40 years. Together Raul and Mercedes have walked a unique path of marriage, parenthood, and divorce. But not in the order you would expect. Over a lifetime they have been co-parents, music partners, neighbors, housemates, caregivers, business partners and the best of friends to each other. Listen as Mercedes describes her musical romance to now long-term partner Tom, and how former husband Raul had a hand in the courtship. This story reminds us that divorce is only one strand in the complex and beautiful tapestry we call family. The story is ours to weave.