Ep. 12: Can a bad divorce have a happy ending? Let’s ask Coach Jill!

Jill Barnett Kaufman has a long history with divorce. Once coming out the other side of her own divorce she began to make a career out of helping others move through divorce without making the same expensive mistakes she did. After years of working as a therapist and parent educator, Jill now devotes her time as a Divorce Coach. The Thriving Through Divorce Program offers support, education and resources to a broad community. Listen as she recounts the awkward celebration of her son’s bar mitzvah with her x-husband, while they were in the heat of the divorce process. However, by the time graduation rolled around, years later, they were able to show up unified in celebration of their son. Reminding us that it is never too late to have a good divorce. Jill will also share her best dating advice post-divorce. One surprising twist in her story was when she started dating an old friend from college. Someone, her x-husband also knew from college. As it turns out, they all chose friendship.