Ep 31: Cover Your Assets!

Some of the most important financial decisions you ever make are often made when you’re most vulnerable, like in the process of divorce. You’re experiencing trauma; you don’t know where your financial blind spots are; and you don’t know what “fair” means anymore. Luckily, Karen is here to help you save your assets, with the help of Leah Hadley, a nationally recognized financial empowerment expert who specializes in giving personalized financial advice through life transitions.

In this episode you’ll learn:

  • How to divorce (if you will) your emotions from your financial decisions
  • Everything you need to do on Leah’s Financial Divorce Checklist before you even call a lawyer
  • The ins and outs of splitting investments like real estate and retirement accounts
  • The often overlooked factors that go into calculating a “fair” settlement
  • And the most common financial mistakes that people make during divorce

Resources: Great Lakes Divorce Financial Solutions: https://www.greatlakesdfs.com/